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No Hip Hop-tune could ever Rock'n'Roll like this...


Hey You, open eyes & ears and prepare for a power ride
You know we’ve come a long way just to kick your ass tonight
Standing proud, standing tall – got the biggest balls of all
Mobilizin’ rockin’ hordes with three power chords

Rock’n’Roll & Chicks & Beer – Three good reasons why we’re here
Armed with Guitars, Bass & Drums we’ll kick your little bum

Be prepared for the attack – c’mon and bang your fuckin’ head until it breaks your neck
Straight ahead, no turning back – surrender to our rock attack

Hey You, don’t just stand and watch c’mon let’s see some action
Do anything you wanna do for Rock’n’Roll-satisfaction
Don’t expect no fuckin’ art, just accept we’re rockin’ hard
So don’t show us no disregard like a retarted smartass

But if you just get up and go
And set your expectations low
And let your body juices flow
You will enjoy the show


from What the Fork​.​.​.​?, released December 28, 2014
Words and Music written by Chryzz and Helliön
Engineered, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Christian Pfeiff




HELLIÖN Bremen, Germany

HELLIÖN in Nominativen:

Rock, Bier, Wahnsinn, Party, Zombies, Schweiß, Chicks, Madmen

HELLIÖN in Adjektiven:

hard, heavy, groovy, crazy, melodisch, catchy, unberechenbar


Chryzz (Lead-Vox, Guit)/ Pete Pumpgun (Lead-Guit)/ Stöpsel (Lead-Bass)/ Mar10 (Lead-Drums)
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