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Pure, plain cockrock. If you consider "Steel Panther" to be funny, you might laugh your forkin' head off!


Sweet little Lady with a new Tattoo
In her mind, she listens to a song by Mötley Crüe
You know, she’s gonna leave you black and blue
But no way you can escape her, there she’s coming for you

C’mon honey, let’s get loud – I’m gonna turn you inside out
If you’re a sinner, let us sin – Baby, I am ready, c’mon let me in

Sweet little lovely slutty high-heel-hoe
Dressed up like a whore, standing in front row
I wonder what she's doin' at a Helliön-show
But the way she looks at me tells me she’s gonna let me know

Give us a stage, turn on the light – we’re gonna rock and roll all night
When she gets home, she's gonna know what's the news:
I’m gonna leave her with the cocksucker blues

All these little girlies that I screwed before
were dirty little bitches, rotten to the core
they got instantly addicted and were longing for more
so come on Baby, swallow 'till your throat is sore


from What the Fork​.​.​.​?, released December 28, 2014
Words and Music written by Chryzz and Helliön
Engineered, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Christian Pfeiff




HELLIÖN Bremen, Germany

HELLIÖN in Nominativen:

Rock, Bier, Wahnsinn, Party, Zombies, Schweiß, Chicks, Madmen

HELLIÖN in Adjektiven:

hard, heavy, groovy, crazy, melodisch, catchy, unberechenbar


Chryzz (Lead-Vox, Guit)/ Pete Pumpgun (Lead-Guit)/ Stöpsel (Lead-Bass)/ Mar10 (Lead-Drums)
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