Lemme rock ya!

from by HELLIÖN

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just some plain and simple cockrock


It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes
We’re gonna give you a Rock’n’Roll-Overdose
It spreads like a desease, addictive like a drug
Feels like enlightenment or like your sweetest fuck

You never rocked so hard and wild like this before
Just want to hear you say: “Oh, can I have some more?”
And here it comes again, oh it’s so hard that rock
C’mon and shake it up - and then you suck my cock

It’s on heavy rotation on every station
All across the nation – Rock’n’Roll sensation

Baby – let me rock ya
Let me sink my cock into ya
Baby – Let me rock ya
Come on and ride that cock until you drop – let's do it!

The rock is hard again, the hour’s getting late
It's time to show me, gurl, just how you masturbate
Lick it and stick deep inside,
show me that you want another ride
Let it roll Baby, let it slide
We’re gonna rock the night

And with fascination for that sweet sensation
it’s an obligation to fulfill penetration

Baby – let me rock ya
Let me sink my cock into ya
Baby – Let me rock ya
Gotta rock that cock until you drop I’ll tell ya that
I’m gonna make you come until the night is gone


from What the Fork​.​.​.​?, released December 28, 2014
Words and Music written by Chryzz and Helliön
Engineered, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Christian Pfeiff




HELLIÖN Bremen, Germany

HELLIÖN in Nominativen:

Rock, Bier, Wahnsinn, Party, Zombies, Schweiß, Chicks, Madmen

HELLIÖN in Adjektiven:

hard, heavy, groovy, crazy, melodisch, catchy, unberechenbar


Chryzz (Lead-Vox, Guit)/ Pete Pumpgun (Lead-Guit)/ Stöpsel (Lead-Bass)/ Mar10 (Lead-Drums)
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