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We tried to create a mixture of two of the greatest rockbands ever and ended up sounding perhaps a bit too much like the one of those... And of course it's a tribute to all our gone-wild female fans (if there should be any).
Anyway: It's time to bang your forkin' (Motör)Head!
Also check out a Liveperformance of this one:


Another rotten stage, another rotten town
Another motherfucker tryin’ to bring me down
All these efforts just to get straight to the point
To see all the Motörmaiden rockin’ this joint

Here we go again, Rock’n’Roll all night
Get deafened by the sound and blinded by the lights
We wanna see you shake your hair, wanna see you raise your fists
Wanna hear you raise your voice, wanna see you squeeze your… Ooooh…

Shake it up – Motörmaiden, show me what you’ve got
Shake it up – Have a ball before we’ll rot
Motörmaiden – Rock!

Here we stand again, rockin’ hard and loud
Made out of stainless steel, shining bright and proud
You can bet your ass that our only desire
Is to rock this joint and set this stage on fire

And when the guitars scream and the thunder of the drums
Unites the rockin’ forces, standin’ up as one
There comes a blast, cutting sharp as a knife
The crowd goes running wild, Motörmaiden comes alive


from What the Fork​.​.​.​?, released December 28, 2014
Words and Music written by Chryzz and Helliön
Engineered, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Christian Pfeiff




HELLIÖN Bremen, Germany

HELLIÖN in Nominativen:

Rock, Bier, Wahnsinn, Party, Zombies, Schweiß, Chicks, Madmen

HELLIÖN in Adjektiven:

hard, heavy, groovy, crazy, melodisch, catchy, unberechenbar


Chryzz (Lead-Vox, Guit)/ Pete Pumpgun (Lead-Guit)/ Stöpsel (Lead-Bass)/ Mar10 (Lead-Drums)
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