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Can you imagine how a crossover of Ska, hard Rock, Metal and Pop might sound like? us neither... but maybe this one might come pretty close to it ;-)


Parranda, Fiesta – it’s time to go loco
Cerveza, Tequila – Batida de Coco
La Noche magica – Let’s all go insane
Spirito de Vino – Booze around my brain

Some fuck up and break down due to shit that they took
Some find luck in places they never bothered to look
Some make vows and promises they can’t even recall
I don’t care as long as I’m having a hell of a ball

Tonight I’m gonna blow my mind
To see what else I’ll find
Tonight I’m gonna get some kicks
Out of Rock’n’Roll and chicks

Arriba, Locura – Madness all around
Exceso confuso – twisted and hellbound
Tormenta y fuego – the hour’s getting late
Belleza infernal – it’s time to meet your fate

When Chaos is rising and all comes tumbling down
Feeling is believing, caught in this merry-go-round
Experience recreation, hypnotized and spellbound
Icarus and Phoenix – an unholy compound


from What the Fork​.​.​.​?, released December 28, 2014
Words and Music written by Chryzz and Helliön
Engineered, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Christian Pfeiff




HELLIÖN Bremen, Germany

HELLIÖN in Nominativen:

Rock, Bier, Wahnsinn, Party, Zombies, Schweiß, Chicks, Madmen

HELLIÖN in Adjektiven:

hard, heavy, groovy, crazy, melodisch, catchy, unberechenbar


Chryzz (Lead-Vox, Guit)/ Pete Pumpgun (Lead-Guit)/ Stöpsel (Lead-Bass)/ Mar10 (Lead-Drums)
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