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OK, here's the new one by HELLIÖN, this time completely for free (unless you wanna donate voluntarily).


released December 28, 2014

All songs written by C. Pfeiff/ Helliön except "Soul-searching Journey" and "Hell is here": Inspired and co-written by M. Ihmels and M. Marbach.
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Christian Pfeiff
Cover and Artwork by Marina Beitsch




HELLIÖN Bremen, Germany

HELLIÖN in Nominativen:

Rock, Bier, Wahnsinn, Party, Zombies, Schweiß, Chicks, Madmen

HELLIÖN in Adjektiven:

hard, heavy, groovy, crazy, melodisch, catchy, unberechenbar


Chryzz (Lead-Vox, Guit)/ Pete Pumpgun (Lead-Guit)/ Stöpsel (Lead-Bass)/ Mar10 (Lead-Drums)
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Track Name: Lemme rock ya!
It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes
We’re gonna give you a Rock’n’Roll-Overdose
It spreads like a desease, addictive like a drug
Feels like enlightenment or like your sweetest fuck

You never rocked so hard and wild like this before
Just want to hear you say: “Oh, can I have some more?”
And here it comes again, oh it’s so hard that rock
C’mon and shake it up - and then you suck my cock

It’s on heavy rotation on every station
All across the nation – Rock’n’Roll sensation

Baby – let me rock ya
Let me sink my cock into ya
Baby – Let me rock ya
Come on and ride that cock until you drop – let's do it!

The rock is hard again, the hour’s getting late
It's time to show me, gurl, just how you masturbate
Lick it and stick deep inside,
show me that you want another ride
Let it roll Baby, let it slide
We’re gonna rock the night

And with fascination for that sweet sensation
it’s an obligation to fulfill penetration

Baby – let me rock ya
Let me sink my cock into ya
Baby – Let me rock ya
Gotta rock that cock until you drop I’ll tell ya that
I’m gonna make you come until the night is gone
Track Name: Skatharrsis
Parranda, Fiesta – it’s time to go loco
Cerveza, Tequila – Batida de Coco
La Noche magica – Let’s all go insane
Spirito de Vino – Booze around my brain

Some fuck up and break down due to shit that they took
Some find luck in places they never bothered to look
Some make vows and promises they can’t even recall
I don’t care as long as I’m having a hell of a ball

Tonight I’m gonna blow my mind
To see what else I’ll find
Tonight I’m gonna get some kicks
Out of Rock’n’Roll and chicks

Arriba, Locura – Madness all around
Exceso confuso – twisted and hellbound
Tormenta y fuego – the hour’s getting late
Belleza infernal – it’s time to meet your fate

When Chaos is rising and all comes tumbling down
Feeling is believing, caught in this merry-go-round
Experience recreation, hypnotized and spellbound
Icarus and Phoenix – an unholy compound
Track Name: Motörmaiden
Another rotten stage, another rotten town
Another motherfucker tryin’ to bring me down
All these efforts just to get straight to the point
To see all the Motörmaiden rockin’ this joint

Here we go again, Rock’n’Roll all night
Get deafened by the sound and blinded by the lights
We wanna see you shake your hair, wanna see you raise your fists
Wanna hear you raise your voice, wanna see you squeeze your… Ooooh…

Shake it up – Motörmaiden, show me what you’ve got
Shake it up – Have a ball before we’ll rot
Motörmaiden – Rock!

Here we stand again, rockin’ hard and loud
Made out of stainless steel, shining bright and proud
You can bet your ass that our only desire
Is to rock this joint and set this stage on fire

And when the guitars scream and the thunder of the drums
Unites the rockin’ forces, standin’ up as one
There comes a blast, cutting sharp as a knife
The crowd goes running wild, Motörmaiden comes alive
Track Name: CS Blues
Sweet little Lady with a new Tattoo
In her mind, she listens to a song by Mötley Crüe
You know, she’s gonna leave you black and blue
But no way you can escape her, there she’s coming for you

C’mon honey, let’s get loud – I’m gonna turn you inside out
If you’re a sinner, let us sin – Baby, I am ready, c’mon let me in

Sweet little lovely slutty high-heel-hoe
Dressed up like a whore, standing in front row
I wonder what she's doin' at a Helliön-show
But the way she looks at me tells me she’s gonna let me know

Give us a stage, turn on the light – we’re gonna rock and roll all night
When she gets home, she's gonna know what's the news:
I’m gonna leave her with the cocksucker blues

All these little girlies that I screwed before
were dirty little bitches, rotten to the core
they got instantly addicted and were longing for more
so come on Baby, swallow 'till your throat is sore
Track Name: Fork U!
When it’s time to end all times
And all words have been spoken
When all is said and done
And the seventh seal’s been broken
When all gods have been slain just like pigs to the slaughter
There’ll be no new beginning, there’ll be no New World Order

Evolution, revolution only led to earth pollution
And a bunch of constitutions no-one understands
We’re all forced to prostitution, so I’ve come to the conclusion
That the almighty solution is right inside our pants

Just talkin’ ‘bout
Stickin’ it in and pullin it out – ‘cause that’s what Life is all about
and all I’m lookin’ for Baby is another way to
Fork U!

Our will for self destruction
Our destiny to extinct
Leaves us one final hour
Of pure animal instincts
All theories of psychologists, all prayers of our priests
Get uncovered as the lies they are when man becomes the beast

When London bridge is falling down
And Armageddon comes to town
We’ll see what’s left of faith and moral and so-called sanity
First we gobble, then we fuck – our destiny to be out of luck
Brings us one final taste of pure unchained humanity
Track Name: Attack
Hey You, open eyes & ears and prepare for a power ride
You know we’ve come a long way just to kick your ass tonight
Standing proud, standing tall – got the biggest balls of all
Mobilizin’ rockin’ hordes with three power chords

Rock’n’Roll & Chicks & Beer – Three good reasons why we’re here
Armed with Guitars, Bass & Drums we’ll kick your little bum

Be prepared for the attack – c’mon and bang your fuckin’ head until it breaks your neck
Straight ahead, no turning back – surrender to our rock attack

Hey You, don’t just stand and watch c’mon let’s see some action
Do anything you wanna do for Rock’n’Roll-satisfaction
Don’t expect no fuckin’ art, just accept we’re rockin’ hard
So don’t show us no disregard like a retarted smartass

But if you just get up and go
And set your expectations low
And let your body juices flow
You will enjoy the show
Track Name: Not too late
When I was a young boy, my momma said to me
“Money makes the world go ‘round, that’s called economy”
It’s time for us to change that old melody

Money don’t mean power, power’s what makes us strong
Give power to the people, ‘cause that’s where it belongs

Here we stand, once again, like a man
No time to hesitate
No more lies, do or die, occupy
I know it’s not too late to live

I don’t wanna be like you bloody capitalists
Put your money where your mouth is, I’ll refuse and resist
We gotta beat the hell out of all lobbyists

Though nothing seems to change, everything stays the same
I’m gonna get my kicks before this shithouse goes up in flames
Track Name: Soul-searching Journey
Take me down on a psychotic ride
Let us dive into the secrets of our minds
You can follow me down or stay behind in fear
But don’t turn around, face the horrors that you’ll see and hear

Let’s sink into it, find our way through it
Let’s sink into it, c’mon let’s do it

Throw me in a hole, bury me alive
A supermanic soul is bound to survive
On a subconscious trip, you can leave the world behind
So open your eyes or rather remain deaf and blind

Soul searchin’ Journey – into our deepest inner
Soul searchin’ Journey – far beneath our skin
Soul searchin’ Journey – gotta leave it all behind
Soul searchin’ Journey – if you wanna solve the riddles of the mind

All day I dream about inner peace
All day I dream about being released
Every night leaves me ripped apart as before
With every thought, I’m longing for some secret door

Soul searchin’ Journey on planet earth
Track Name: Hell is here
Wakin’ up at sunrise, a blood red sun hits my eyes
Awaiting my day of doom
You better beware

Hours of uncertain sadness, the city sleeps in madness
Knowing the rain’s coming soon
Everybody take care

Hell is here – all our fears, all our pain
Will remain

Another neutronic nightmare - I don’t think you like it
When hell freezes over, your lies are coming upon you

Woe to those who refuse to see
That we are our own worst enemy
Evolution’s gonna have no sequel
Dead and Circus to the people

Just another messed up head, Just another junkie mad
Another city blood red… And another species dead

Dreams of immortality - A superhuman insanity
Catching the last rays of gloom
And a last breath of air

Will there be a tomorrow
Pure, without any sorrow
When will our sword of Damocles
Bring us eternal darkness?